Facilities | Dragonfly British Nursery
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An oasis in the center of the city. We are lucky to have 1,000 m2 of facilities with very spacious classrooms and a playground of 400 m2, where our children can hear nature, take care of our vegetable garden and our animals.

1. Bumblebee (6 months)

Here the children enjoy a small group atmosphere of warmth, safety and loving care. They are supported and encouraged to develop at their own pace. Their day is suited to their particular needs, and we work carefully with parents to ensure that this continues as they change and develop.

Young children begin to explore the world through their senses. The activities within these rooms are sensitively planned to meet their changing needs as they grow and develop. Through lots of play we encourage each child to explore the world of colour, shape and texture and to help in their first steps towards language development. All of the rooms are bright and cheerful which, along with a large selection of toys, provides a stimulating, colourful but calming environment.

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2. Ladybird (1 year olds)

The activities in this class are carefully planned to stimulate the children’s enquiring and growing minds and allow them to develop their increasing independence in a carefully balanced, fun filled day. Small groups ensure that each child receives lots of individual attention so the warmth and security are continued and built upon.

Through lots of play, we encourage our toddlers to explore the world of colour, shape and texture and to help in their first steps, both literally, and towards language development. They begin to form friendships with those of their own age and this social interaction is a very important part of every child’s development.

3. Butterfly (2 year olds)

Our early preschool program is designed to help your child be prepared to learn basics such as letters, numbers, colours, shapes, and vocabulary words.

Through stories, discussion and role-playing, Butterflies begin to develop an understanding of values like honesty, compassion and generosity. Learning to possess a sense of pride and responsibility is key at this age, and at Dragonfly British Nursery, our loving teachers put the time and dedication to instilling core values and knowledge. Curiosity is what drives a child to explore new things, expanding the view of their growing world, and all of these things make it easier for your child once they begin “Big School”.

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4. Our vegetable garden and playground

Children need to be able to move and develop, both physically and mentally. We do many activities in our beautiful playground of 400m2, an oasis in the middle of the city. Our little ones take care of the garden and our animals, learning to live with nature in the middle of the city.